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My name is Isis Jade and I am a researcher & expert in the fields of bioenergetics, aromatherapy, herbalism, alchemy, ancient perfumery and natural pain relief for over thirty years.

I have a PhD in Bioenergetics and in Naturopathy. I also have a Masters in Holistic Medicine and over two dozen advanced certifications.

My background is extensive because for years I had to seek out healing tools that worked with my truly unusual genetics. I have no ability to metabolize pharmaceuticals so I rely exclusively on my own formulations to live my best life!

I would like to invite you to create extraordinary changes in your life with the ancient practice of alchemy combined with my extensively researched bioenergized line of aromatherapy, herbs, teas, bath & body care, ritual oils, baths & functional perfumes. We currently carry over 124 formulations online as well as offering custom formulatons to clients.

Alchemyst Co products contain sustainably sourced, lab tested, certified organic ingredients infused with powerful frequencies.

I've developed a unique formulation process to enhance and increase the potency of synergistic, cruelty-free ingredients to assist you in every area of life.

Alchemyst Co places the secrets of ancient alchemists + quantum science directly into your hands for total mind, body & spirit evolution.

Come with me now to learn more about the magic of our exquisite products!

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This Month's Featured Products

Learn The Art & Science of Bioenergized Aromatherapy

Read About Our Process
This Month's Featured Products

Learn The Art & Science of Bioenergized Aromatherapy

Read About Our Process


  • Your products are amazing!

    i have extreme chronic body pain that includes back and neck pain. Since using Warrior Pain Relief daily, i have very little pain. I didn't believe that bioenergized aromatherapy was a thing, but this really works.

    Jessica Ryerson

  • I love Alchemyst Co Aromatherapy

    Your wellness aromatherapy set is my go to for my family. Everything is included and is so convenient to use and travel with. Shipping was fast and well packaged. Love this.

    Carissa J.

  • Great customer service!

    Always love the items from Alchemyst Co. I use many products in my own home. Always reliable products and great customer service.

    Jeffery B.

  • I would give 100 stars!

    The best natural perfumes I've ever purchased. I am a perfume lover and Alchemyst Co has incredible natural perfumes.

    Anna Kirkland

  • Chakra Synergies helps all my clients!

    I use Alchemyst Co's Chakra Synergies Collection in my Reiki practice. The energy is intense and beautiful. All my clients feel the difference immediately. Thank you for your wonderful products.

    Angel Moore

  • Deep Trauma Relief healed me.

    The sensations I've experienced after being numb from trauma for 20 years is unbelievable. The healing I've received using Deep Trauma Relief, miraculous. Thank you for your magical products.

    Roger B.


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