Collection: Angel Alchemy

If you long to connect with angel energy, healing and the immense spiritual power inside of you that can be magnified connecting with different angelic frequencies, Alchemyst Co's Angel Alchemy Anointing Oils can assist you.

Angel Alchemy is a collection of Anointing Oils designed to help you call upon and connect with specific Angels and Ascended Masters to help you manifest incredible healing and transformations. These oils can be worn as perfumes, used to anoint your ritual objects or dropped into a diffuser to enhance and elevate your room's energy.

Perfect for healers, readers, massage therapists and angel workers. 

Angel Alchemy Oils by Alchemyst Co can lend an empowering psychic expansion and personal transformation that will turn the volume up on your intuition, so you can clearly hear the voice of of the angels you desire to work with. These oils will bring you clarity, direction and deeper understanding of yourself and your clients. 

Restore the divine blueprint of your destiny and that of your clients with the cutting-edge celestial science of archangel anointing oils, bioenergized with specific frequencies for each angel & ascended master.

Angel Alchemy


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