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Alchemyst Co was started out of the powers of bioenergized aromatherapy I discovered along my healing journey to transform my health.

Struggling with rare genetic conditions and unable to metabolize pharmaceuticals, I spent the past 25 years studying and mastering alternative healing modalities for myself and my clients.

My bioenergized aromatherapy products brings tremendous healing powers bridging science, art and spirit and these powers must be shared with all of humanity. You can be assured I've worked hard to create the best collection of well-researched, bioenergized aromatherapeutic healing products available in the world.

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We are bioenergetic mixologists combining ancient alchemy with modern science to transform lives.

Alchemyst Co helps people maximize their potential, manifest their best life through bioenergized aromatherapeutic self-healing products.

We create certified organic, lab-tested, bioenergized mind-body-spirit products that will transform your life.

I first became acquainted with bioenergized aromatherapy while searching for an answer for my own health issues. The accidental discovery of how powerful Copaiba oil became when charged with resonant healing energies. This sparked a 20 year journey that brought my health back to me!

I was shocked by how difficult it was to find high quality, lab tested organic aromatherapy blends that I trusted. I founded Alchemyst Co so the healing power of bioenergized aromatherapeutic products could be accessible to anyone, regardless of where they live.

Become the Alchemyst & Create Your Best Life.

Alchemyst Co creates bioenergized, intention-based wellness products, essential oil blends and aromatic healing perfumes from complex combinations of lab-tested, medicinal plants, essential oils, attars, resins and all-natural, high quality ingredients to help our customers live their very best lives. 

Isis Jade started Alchemyst Co to help people manifest their best life and create lasting transformations by uniting the power of ancient alchemy with the latest in bioresonance and harmonic polarization.

Our proprietary bioenergizing programming combines over 300 gemstones with exquisite aromatherapy & certified organic healing ingredients to give you the most powerful healing and personal transformation possible. 

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From Emotional Healing to Pain Relief to Spiritual Living

We operate and control our entire product creation process end-to-end.

Each product is lovingly crafted by our own hands at our studio.

We are certified master herbalists, alchemists, naturopaths, healers and bioenergists.  The intention of each product is always kept in mind during the production process. 

Isis is directly involved daily operations and blends the mother elixir of all our products herself.

She personally selects every component by quality, intention and vibrational balance.

She creates every transformative product formulation we offer to enrich people’s lives and continues to develop new products that contribute to the overall well-being of this planet by helping people manifest their best outcomes.

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Magic is believing in yourself.

Magic is believing in yourself.


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