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Anja Third Eye Chakra Bioenergized Healing Aromatherapy Roller

Anja Third Eye Chakra Bioenergized Healing Aromatherapy Roller

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Renew balance with Bioenergized Anja Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils Aromatherapy Roller from Alchemyst Co. This stimulating blend of organic essential oils is bioenergized with specific crystals and frequencies designed to help you activate your third eye chakra.

Anja, the Third Eye Chakra, is a power center that gives you the vision and clarity to see your path so you can walk forward in your journey. Here, you’ll find your confidence, independence, and a sense of security. This is the space where you’re able to live from experience and show up in the world as you authentic, rad self.

Unblocking & balancing Your Anja Chakra using Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils will increase your ability to see the bigger picture of your reality by deepening your sense of logic and insight.

When this chakra is healthy and unblocked you will be more self-aware, and aware of others, and helps you figure out your own perceptions and belief systems over and above all influences, according to your experiences.

You can tell your Third Eye Chakra is weak if you experience indecisiveness, confusion, lack of focus and purpose, or depression.

The struggle to reach your goals becomes even more difficult with self-doubt and narrow mindedness. Using Aromatherapy like Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils Aromatherapy Roller From Alchemyst Co will help your third eye chakra strengthen, activate and open.

The physical symptoms of an imbalanced third eye chakra affect the neurons of the brain with problems like:

  • Eye problems
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Brain disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Endocrine imbalance
  • Disorders in pituitary and pineal gland, hypothalamus

When your Third Eye Chakra is balanced, you feel a deep sense of spiritual alignment to your highest and most optimal outcomes in life. You’re able to release control and worry because you feel an unexplainable sense of trust in your divine right path. And you also feel aligned and connected to your inner knowing. For some people, inner knowing is just a gut feeling. For others, they see signs from the Universe guiding them on their journeys. 

Here are some of the signs of a balanced Third Eye Chakra:

  • Intuitive
  • Imaginative
  • Perceptive
  • Open-minded
  • Insightful
  • Sense of clarity
  • Mentally strong
  • Trusting
  • Motivated
  • Creative
  • Embraces truth
  • Embraces change
  • Spiritually aligned
  • Possesses inner wisdom
  • Connected to inner knowing

List of affirmations for healing and activating the Third Eye Chakra while using Anja Chakra Synergies Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils Blend from Alchemyst Co:

  • I listen to my inner knowing in the face of uncertainty.
  • I see and think clearly.
  • My mind is strong, open, and clear.
  • I trust my intuition to guide me to making good decisions.
  • My mind is free of resistance and open to all possibilities.
  • All that I seek I can find within me.
  • I am insightful, intuitive, and imaginative.
  • I release doubt and welcome faith.
  • I am aligned with my highest and most authentic self.
  • I am in alignment with my purpose.
  • I trust the signs and synchronicities that show up in my daily life.
  • I honor my inner knowing and trust my path.
  • I surrender to the highest good for all.
  • I surrender control and allow the Universe’s loving presence to guide me.


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Anja Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils Aromatherapy Blend is a carefully formulated bioenergized blend containing the sacred oils of frankincense, sandalwood, amber, jasmine, rosewood, & citrus to awaken & activate your third eye chakra, clearing and healing the pineal gland for greater clarity of insight, intuition, mental strength, and intuition. It allows you to trust the path in front of you with a deep, innate inner wisdom.

◆ many of our proprietary compositions fall under US Intellectual Property Law. In these intstances, we will provide scent notes and insights as to our processes, but not disclose the percentages or exact details of our natural perfumes.

◇ Our compositions are lab-tested, certified organic and contain no artificial fragrances, phalates, petrochemicals, carcinogens, or toxic artificial preservatives or fixatives.

◆ We only use Certified Organic Jojoba and Certified Organic Meadowfoam Seed Oils as carrier oils due to their hypoallergic composition and ability to retain our energetic frequencies.

◇ Please refer to the packaging insert for complete details.


Shake Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils Blend Gently to activate the synergistic frequencies and apply to the Third Eye, Pulse Points and Massage prior to beginning meditation. Roll over fingertips and breathe deeply from cupped hands before and during Meditation. Ideally, use prior to listening to an guided meditations where you need to visualize or lucidly dream.

Please see product insert info card for full directions.


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