Drawing Down the Power of Infinite Potential.

Alchemy/'alkɪmi/ - the study of the transmutation of energy and matter; the practice of converting base materials into other forms; the quest for the universal elixir of immortality; the search for the philosopher's stone; the process of creation; the transmutation from mortal to immortal.

Alchemy was the foundation for modern science as practiced by the ancients. A careful science exploring the nature of substances and how to create something valuable & useful from base materials, Alchemy also encompassed every other aspect of ancient life: magic, medicine, religion, politics, techology & philosophy.

While the west produced over four thousand printed alchemical texts from the 16th through the late 18th centuries, Ancient Alchemy has been practiced for thousands of years: long prior to the judeo-christian traditions of hermeticism.

Alchemy developed independently in China, India, Mesopotamia, Arabia and Greece. Alchemy was practiced by both the Ancient Celts of the Steppes and Ancient Egyptians.

The word Alchemy originates from the ancient name for Egypt: Khem (Km or Kmt); which conveyed countless meanings, including: 'completion', 'sacred ending', 'a new beginning', 'sacred, fertile lands', or 'divine black earth'.

Ancient Egypt was the original source of knowledge of a rare, mysterious, scientific art which was referred to as 'the art of the land of Km'.

Egyptians were highly advanced in countless areas of life: from technology to medicine, from education to politics, to to their belief in equality of all genders. All areas of Ancient Egyptian life were influenced heavily by faith, objective practice & philoophy guided by their practice of alchemy.

Activating HeKa - The Ancient Power of Manifestation.

The Ancient Egyptians believed in a living primordial energy they called HeKa that infuses and underlies all things in the Universe.

Ancient Egyptians believed HeKa existed in the deep silence of the cosmic void awaiting the first moment of creation.

HeKa is the force of creative manifestation in Ancient Egyptian Alchemy. As such, HeKa was considered a divine gift from the the Gods & Goddesses for humankind.

The word HeKa itself contains the sacred vibration for the activation of a soul's Ka or immortal life force, like Prana in India and Qi in China.

Egyptians believed that activating your soul's Ka is how your creative sexual energy manifested your ideal reality.

When your Ka is activated, this grants you limitless power and influence over the material world, particularly when drawing down the Ka of the Gods & Goddesses into your life.

Through achemical ritual, HeKa was channeled by alchemists and used to enhance their polymathic abilities.

The process of activating HeKa incorporated the use of a secret combination of ritual bathing, annointing one's body with various creams, oils and makeup and injesting elixirs.

Many of these advanced formulations comprised of sacred resins, florals, herbs, spices, ground gemstones, powdered materials, fats, and essential oils.

Alchemy & Tantra in India

Ancient Indian Alchemy extends as far as five thousand years and included metallurgy, āyurveda, siddhacikitsā, rasaśāstra (the "science of essential substances"), vājīkaraṇa, transmutational alchemy (dhātuvāda, the "doctrine of the elements"), elixir alchemy (dehavāda), hatha yoga and the most secret practices: Tantric Alchemy.

Tantric Alchemy practitioners believed that the universe constantly regenerates itself out of the sacred union of the divine through the mergence of masculine and feminine charged elixirs.

All vital animal, mineral, and plant-based substances are emanates of divine source of power. All aspects of creation participate in the same flow of Universal energy, thus all are considered by the Tantric Alchemist, interchangeable, recombinatory, and perfectible.

Many of the preparations and practices incorporating ancient alchemical practices in Tantra and Ayurveda were lost to time.

Elixirs & annointing preparations from these lost tantric practices were performed to extend life, heal incurable disease, restore power, improve cognitive function, and even reverse aging.

Many believed adept Tantric Alchemists prepared the Elixir of Immortality to achieve eternal life and ascend beyond our current dimensions.

The use of elixirs included similar preparations to Ancient Egyptian alchemical practices: distilled herbs, essential oils, crushed stones, sacred resins, flowers & spices.

These were blended into a mother elixir, chanted over, blessed, then sealed in jars and kept in dark cellars to mature.

Once considererd matured, small amounts of the "mother" would be blended into the masculine essences of honey or oils.

These blends would then be "potentiated" by being poured back and forth between two sacred vessals while chanted over to activate the prana and increase the vibrational life force of the elixir.

These potentiated elixirs could either be ingested or used to annoint oneself multiple times a day to achieve the desired results.

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