How to Use Alchemyst Co Products

Our bioenergized products are formulated with cruelty-free, lab-tested, certified organic, sustainably harvested ingredients. Click below to learn more about each of our exquisite oils and how to make the most of them in your daily life.


Alchemyst Co Natural Perfume Oils are blends of 100% pure, certified organic, lab-tested essential oils, resins, & absolutes in a blend of certified organic Meadowfoam Seed oil & Jojoba oil.

All our natural perfume oils are bottled in UV protected glass designed to extend the life and potency of each perfume for years. 

Alchemyst Co Natural Perfume Oils are luxuriously long lasting and carefully formulated to be elegantly fragrant, healing and transformational.

Our exquisitely scented Perfumes are inspired by the Ancient Egyptian & Ancient Tantric Alchemy practice of secret elixirs and perfumes used to invoke transformation in the user. 

We combine sustainably sourced, cruelty-free rare and exotic oils that are crystal infused, then chanted over, bioenergized and finally aged to create a truly unique Natural Perfume Oil that is divinely scented, charged to provide specific healing frequencies as well as deeply nourishing to the entire mind, body & soul.


Apply Alchemyst Co Natural Perfume Oils from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet; on your arms, neck, shoulders and chest, on specific pulse points such as the ankles, wrists and behind the ears.

You can apply Natural Perfume Oils after a shower or bath, before going out or just to help you bring your inner beauty forward to enhance your physical aura & charisma.

Our Natural Perfume Oil blends are long lasting on the skin and will provide hours of enjoyment, personal transformation and delight. 


Chakra Synergies Healing Oils by Alchemyst Co are based on ancient Hindu Tantric Elixir Remedies designed to awaken, balance, charge and heal each of the main chakras to enhance the quality of your life.

Alchemyst Co expertly blends sacred resins, absolutes, & essential oils forming what is called the "Mother Elixir". This elixir is aged for months in the dark in sealed jars allowing the separate ingredients to harmonize together, forming the mother elixir's core energy profile.

After this, we bioenergize each mother elixir using our proprietary technology with specific crystal bowls to imbue the mother elixir with the crystal healing frequency and tones needed to activate and balance each individual chakra.


Alchemyst Co Chakra Synergies Healing Oils can be used just like aromatherapy and natural perfumes.

Each of our Chakra Synergies Oils come with an information card and healing mantras you can use along with the use of your oils.

Examples of use: apply the chakra oil over the intended chakra, along your pulse points such as ankles, backs of knees, small of your back, behind your ears, wrists, and neck. Focus on the mantras or the image of the chakra as you apply.

You may also drop the oils into a cold air aromatherapy diffuser to shift the energy of your room for full chakra healing and support.

Apply the oil gently to the palms of your hands, rub them together in a clockwise direction three times to activate the energies, then tent over your nose and mouth and inhale deeply.

For practitioners: while doing chakra healing on your client, gently apply each oil over or near the chakra energy, or along acupressure points that directly correlate to that specific chakra. Gently massage in, then gently hold your hand approximate 3-6 inches from the nose and mouth of your client and have them breathe it in and out deeply three times while you chant the mantras for each chakra you are healing and balancing.


Astrology, alchemy and aromatherapy might seem to share nothing in common. However, these modalities come together flawlessly if you unite them with intention to maximize your strengths.

Alchemyst Co’s Bioenergized Zodiac Natural Perfumes can help you access planetary and star wisdom to reach your goals, achieve your dreams and gain a deep sense of peaceful calm throughout your day.

To decide which Alchemyst Co Zodiac Natural Perfume Oils to purchase, we recommend you consult your natal astrology chart and look up your Ascendant, Sun and Moon sign. Next, ask yourself which sign needs to be activated in your life at this time.

All three zodiac signs influence many different aspects of you and your life, something most people do not know.

Most people only know their sun sign and believe that is the only influence they need to worry about.

However, to achieve your highest and best potential in life, it is essential you harmonize and integrate the influential elements of all three zodiac signs within yourself.

To learn more about using Alchemyst Co Zodiac Perfumes, I recommend you download our e-book. You will learn how to integrate your own three core zodiac signs (your sun, ascendant, and moon sign) and how we created the corresponding bioenergized aromatherapeutic perfumes best suited for each zodiac sign.

Our book includes comprehensive details of the zodiac signs and how they influence you through subtle energetic shifts as your Sun, Ascendant or Moon sign.


One of the more common uses for our magickal zodiac perfume oils is in what alchemists and practitioners call the Zodiac Candle.

This is one of the candles in a spell that represents a particular person. That may be the spell-caster, themselves or a friend or client they’re working for.

There are many other ways to incorporate Alchemyst Co Zodiac Natural Perfume Oils.

We recommend purchasing the ASM kit (Ascending, Sun, Moon Trinity) for yourself to start.

You can use all three of these oils to anoint yourself and your candles. Say a prayer or invocation to bring out the best qualities of each Sign in your personal nature.

Anointing can include applying to your third eye, neck, back of neck, behind ears, on your wrists, back of knees, lower abdomen, and ankles. You can apply to the palms of your hands, rubbing together gently clockwise for 3 times then tent over your nose and mouth and breathe in deeply.

You can use your Ascending sign oil in the morning, the Sun oil midday, and your moon oil in the evening.

You can get creative and do a lot of different types of workings, using our planetary, elemental and zodiac Alchemy perfume oils, together.

Another use is in the consecration of specific tools.

Some Alchemy and magic systems ask you to make particular tools that are specifically dedicated to a particular zodiac sign, element or planet. In such a case, having an oil to dress it with, that’s also dedicated to that Sign, is ideal.

In ceremonial magick systems, practitioners spend time working with each individual Element, Planet and Sign.

A professional worker will want to have all twelve, so they can work with anyone they need to.


Alchemyst Co Wellness Aromatherapy Roll-ons are specifically formulated with proven lab-tested, certified organic herbal oils, essential oils, resins and absolutes, then charged with specific healing frequencies designed to maximize the healing power of each product's use.

Our Wellness Aromatherapy are packaged in UV resistant black glass rollers to preserve and extend the life of your oils and to provide a convenient, easy to use option for maximum healing and optimal living.

All our aromatherapy rollers are blended with certified organic jojoba and meadow foam seed oil in the perfect quantity to ensure maximum penetration and gentle healing of whatever issue you are dealing with.


Hand crafted and bioenergized using our proprietary synergistic blends, our exclusive roll-ons are bottled in UV-protected heavy black glass to reduce degradation.

They are easy, safe, convenient and travel friendly. Keep them in your backpack, travel-on, purse or pocket. No mess and no fuss when you use our pre-diluted, ready to use roll-ons.

Makes a great gift for a newcomer to bioenergized wellness all the way to the experienced lover.

How to Use: Shake well prior to use. Apply as directed by the info card included with your rollers.


Ancient Alchemy focused on the goal of transmutation. Alchemy was the practice of synthesis or transmutation of all elements in perfect balance to obtain the philosopher’s stone, or elixir of life, the key to immortality.

Alchemyst Co Emotional Transmutation Oils are elixirs that are designed to be simple to use for anyone.

Our bioenergized blends are molecularly optimized with a programmed carrier oil to ensure optimal emotional health and wellness.

Our proprietary blends are formulated with lab-tested, certified organic, sustainably harvested resins, attars, essential oils and absolutes from plants, fruit, flowers, and trees.

Each blend carries unique aromatherapeutic optimized for your highest emotional potential.

Alchemyst Co Emotional Transmutation Oils offer the benefits of bioenergized aromatherapeutic emotional healing in an easy-to-use applicator designed to assist you with many emotional challenges in life.

Our Emotional Transmutation Oils are designed to help you process, transmute and release emotional challenges you face in daily life.

Emotional Transmutation Oils help you transmute negative emotions of anger, frustration, depression, or anxiety & help you regain your inner harmony, happiness, joy, bliss and peace.


How to Use: Shake well prior to use. Apply to pulse-points, across chest, temples, forehead, back of neck and reflex areas on the hands and feet.

Alternatively,  apply to palms of hands, rub together, then tent over nose and mouth to breathe in the aroma.

You may also open your rollers and drop a few drops into your air diffuser to change the energy of your room.


People often use their emotional transmutation roll-ons multiple times a day to help them get through an emotionally challenging period of their life or to help them remain emotionally stable and grounded.

Our roll-ons can be used daily or multiple times an hour depending on the person and the blend. That being said, we understand that everyone has a different level of sensitivity, so we recommend following our directions for each product to achieve optimal effectiveness.


Magick Oils are oils that have been created with a specific intent or purpose behind them for daily use. Alchemyst Co Magick oils are used more and more for a variety of purposes, including to draw something into one’s life, to draw love into one’s life, to aid in meditation and trance, to enhance spells, to dress candles or to create a sacred space for manifesting your heart's desires.

Ritual Oils are infused with herbs, frequencies and stones for a specific ritual use. Ritual oils have many uses for various holidays, practices such as puja, candle burning, or cleansing/bathing.

Ritual oils can be placed on objects that you want to carry your intention such as a piece of jewelry, a candle, a piece of clothing, ritual objects, etc. You can add a few drops to your ritual bath, or on yourself. I love to add a few drops to my hair and around my navel.

You can also use ritual oils for opening and closing circles, to dress your altar or ancestral objects.

Anointing Oils serves as a hands-on prayer, mantra, chant or blessing that helps set your intention for your practice. They help people clarify their needs and make positive changes by uniting the power of intention with the beautiful aromas of sacred plants.

Anointing is the ritual act of applying aromatic oils to your body after bathing.

Anointing with oil has been a part of ancient alchemical traditions going back thousands of years.

Historically, anointing was a form of consecration or a sacred alchemical act to honor and welcome.

Anointing was also used as a means of purification, protection and a way to promote health, vitality, fertility or longevity.


How to use Magick Oils

Magical oils come in a variety of types:

Condition oils — oils used to help relieve or improve someone’s spiritual condition.

Zodiac Oils - used to enhance or strengthen a specific zodiac energy

Planetary oils - used to draw down specific planetary energies for astrological work

Elemental oils - used for ritual work requiring elemental alchemy

Conjure oils — A dressing oil from an ancient practice usually African, European, or Native American traditions.

Dressing oils — Specially prepared oil applied to spell and ritual objects before using them to sanctify, charge, and prepare them for use.

Ritual oils — Oils used to anoint candles, ritual tools, material, furniture, and other such items.

Bathing oils - to create magical baths for soaking away negative energies, to imbue yourself with spiritual energies prior to your work.

Every Magick oil made by Alchemyst Co comes with an information card on how to use it for the greatest benefits.

How to use Ritual Oils

RItual oils are used to dress ritual objects, to open or close your circle, to dress your altar or diffuse in your sacred working space. Ritual oils are designed to transform and protect sacred working spaces for higher consciousness, drawing down energies or to channel and direct your energies for work.

How to use Anointing Oils

After bathing, anoint yourself at heart chakra, over third eye chakra, base of skull/nape of neck, and pulse points like behind ears, wrists, behind the knees, lower abdomen and ankles.

Anointing oils will work naturally with your body’s own chemistry to magically transform themselves with the energies you need to receive in your current moment.

We offer Anointing oils for protection, focus, divinity, intuition, past lives, and others.