Collection: For Your Spirit - Zodiac Alchemy Perfume Oils

Astrology, alchemy and aromatherapy might seem to share nothing in common. However, these three modalities come together flawlessly if you unite them with intention to maximize your strengths.

Alchemyst Co’s unique synergistic aromatherapeutic zodiac perfume oils can help you reach your goals, achieve your dreams and gain a deep sense of peaceful calm throughout your day.

To decide which Alchemyst Co Zodiac Perfume Oil to purchase, we recommend you consult your natal astrology chart and look up your Ascendant, Sun or Moon sign. 

All three zodiac signs influence many different aspects of you and your life, something most people do not know. We recommend starting with our ASM Gift Set to begin maximizing the astrological influences in your life.

For Your Spirit - Zodiac Alchemy Perfume Oils


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