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LYMPH RELEASE - Bioenergized Lymph System Detoxification Massage Aromatherapy

LYMPH RELEASE - Bioenergized Lymph System Detoxification Massage Aromatherapy

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Lymph Release Essential Oil is Bioenergized to assist with Lymphatic massage and release. Massage it around the neck and lymph nodes, or massage into a desired targeted area.

According to Battaglia (2007), aromatherapy can help the lymphatic system in the removal of waste products from the body, thereby, helping to prevent a build-up of excess toxins and fluid, all of which can cause pain, infection and fatigue.  

Essential Oils are reputed to help the lymphatic system produce white blood cells, which fight infection, while assisting in detoxification and stimulate lymph fluid circulation.  

 Lymph Release helps to dissolve blockages and stagnancy, bringing a fresh flow of vitality through your system. The result is a refreshing, cleansing synergy of movement in mind, body and spirit. 

Uniquely formulated and potentized with specific lymph frequencies to increase circulation of fats and white blood cells within the lymphatic system for optimal delivery of nutrients to cells and removal of waste from the cells.

The lymphatic system is the body’s first line of defense against disease. It includes lymph nodes (with clusters found in the neck, chest, underarms, abdomen, and groin). 

Unlike the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system does not have its own central pump — it only moves as the muscles squeeze it along. So the lack of movement makes the lymphatic system stagnant, with waste accumulating and excessive toxins building up.

If the lymphatic system is not working correctly, elimination, detoxification and immunity may be affected, resulting in symptoms such as:

  • Soreness and/or stiffness in the morning
  • Bloating or Fatigue
  • Dry or Itchy skin
  • Congestion, stuffy head, sinus or periodontal infection
  • Holding on to water/ Rings get tight on fingers
  • Breast swelling, soreness with each cycle or bladder infection
  • Brain fog
  • Cold hands and feet

Designed for aromatic and topical use. If using topically, we recommend rolling along each to sides of neck, lymph nodes under arms and around inguinal ligament (bikini line area – think where your leg creases when you lift it).  Lymph Release blend is designed for liberal usage.  

  • Apply to lymph nodes to help clear infection
  • Helps support fat assimilation, as fats go into the lymphatic system to be delivered throughout the body.


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