How Bioenergized Aromatherapy Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

This video describes my proprietary bioenergizing process that goes into each and every product we make here at Alchemyst Co. I also want to explain exactly why this makes our products so much more potent and life-changing for so many of our customers, especially those who are sensitive like I am.

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Alchemy in the 21st Century

What is Bioenergetic Healing?

Bioenergetic Healing

The word "bioenergetic" has its roots in the Greek words for life ("bios") and energy ("energeia"). This ancient form of healing comes from ancient alchemy principles of mind-body-spirit balance for manifesting healing and transformation.

Bioenergetic healing includes a number of modalities a bioenergist may use to harness a client's subtle energy field to restore mind-body-spirit balance and improve their ability to heal.

These subtle energy therapeutic modalities have been used for thousands of years by Ancient Egyptian physicians, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Ayruvedic Medicine practitioners, and shamanic healers.

Modern bioenergic modalities have been studied extensively in independent research. These studies have conclusively proven the positive impact of bioenergetic modalities on paitents around the world.

An advanced bioenergist can blend and potentiate the energy fields of plants, oils, resins, salts, and other ingredients to create bioenergized elixirs and powerful healing aromatherapeutics to support a person's healing journey, just like the alchemists of Ancient times.

How Bioenergy and Bioresonance Functions as Energy Healing and Energy Medicine

Let's talk about the theory of biophysics and bioresonance and how it works to help your mind, body and energy field to create lasting changes, especially when incorporated with the power of aromatherapy.

It is well known that there are fields and energies throughout and surrounding the physical body. These energies range from those related to the charged electron fields of atoms and molecules comprising the material body, to the aggregate bioelectric field, which surrounds the body (often called the “aura” or “biofield”).

Bioresonance - Energy Medicine for the Modern Age

Research has shown that all particles of matter share characteristics of both energy waves and particles.

This means that all substances – and therefore all molecular structures and all biological systems emit measurable electromagnetic waves known as their energy field (what we call the bioenergy field or biofield).

These energies range from those related to the charged electron fields of atoms and molecules comprising the material body, to the aggregate bioelectric field, which surrounds the body (often
called the “aura” or “biofield”).

Nearly all ancient cultures have explained these fields/energies and their movements as the Chi of Chinese medicine, the Chakras & Prana of Ayurveda, the Ka of Ancient Egypt and the bioresonance of modern Energy Medicine.

Cellular systems communicate with each other through their bioenergetic frequency patterns.

The mind & body can only function and self-regulate through a healthy exchange of information which takes place constantly throughout our energy system.

Symptoms of illness begin at the point where a preexisting deficiency exists in maladaptive energetic communication.

Bioresonance potentiation operates along the same principles of homeopathy, bioenergy healing and acupuncture. This advanced field of energy medicine has over 100 years of research proving efficacy and efficiency in creating transformational healing changes.

How Bioenergized Aromatherapeutics Works at the Molecular Level

The potency of our healing blends are a result of programmatic molecular memory through the programming of coherent oscillations specific to the medicinal plant material used and our intention for the final product’s most optimal healing effect on your mind, body, spirit and bioenergy field.

The molecular memory of our proprietary blends are entrained with the signature of bioresonance unique to each formulation. This establishes a new bioresonant harmonic matrix within the clustered lattice of the blend that effects a transformational, positive change in your mood, physical body or mental health.

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Bioenergized Aromatherapeutics

Aromatherapy is part of two healing fields: the field of energy medicine and the field of phytotherapy. It has been used since before 5,000 BCE.

Many Ancient Egyptian medical Papri discuss the healing properties of macerated and distilled aromatic oils to treat the mind, body and spirit.

Priests & Egyptian Alchemists were experts in blending perfumes, elixirs and oils used in ritual and celebration, as well as to help the Ka of any person to find healing, balance, peace and wellbeing.

Essential oils have a unique living energetic signature and resonance that can affect your health by stimulating your body’s own natural healing systems.

Alchemyst Co uses a proprietary process of specifically programmed harmonic bioresonance signatures which carries the full program of energetic medicine support.

We program specific bioenergetic signatures
related to healing a specific physical issue or resolving an emotional or spiritual concern.

These energetic signatures are imprinted into our unique, proprietary aromatherapeutic blends we call our mother elixirs.

The result is truly powerful, bioenergized harmonization that can be immediately felt in our products, providing deep, transformational healing.

Our healing oils, salves, skin care, teas, bath salts, natural perfumes, and ritual & alchemical items all contain energy signatures unique to each product that will help you in any area of life.

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  • Your products are amazing!

    I have extreme chronic body pain that includes back and neck pain. Since using Warrior Pain Relief daily, i have very little pain. I didn't believe that bioenergized aromatherapy was a thing, but this really works.

    Jessica Ryerson

  • I love Alchemyst Co

    Your wellness aromatherapy set is my go to for my family. Everything is included and is so convenient to use and travel with. Shipping was fast and well packaged. I love Alchemyst Co.

    Carissa J.

  • Great Customer Service

    Always love the items from Alchemyst Co. I use many products in my own home. Always reliable products and great customer service.

    Jeffery B.

  • I would give 100 stars

    The best natural perfumes I've ever purchased. I am a perfume lover and Alchemyst Co has incredible perfumes.

    Anna Kirkland

  • Chakra Synergies helps all my clients!

    I use Alchemyst Co's Chakra Synergies Collection in my Reiki practice. The energy is intense and beautiful. All my clients feel the difference immediately. Thank you for your wonderful products.

    Angel Moore

  • Deep Trauma Relief healed me

    The sensations I've experienced after being numb from trauma for 20 years is unbelievable. The healing I've received using Deep Trauma Relief, miraculous. Thank you for your magical products.

    Roger B.