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ARCHANGEL Healing Bioenergized Connection Ritual Bath Salts

ARCHANGEL Healing Bioenergized Connection Ritual Bath Salts

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Connect with your chosen Archange on a Divine Journey with Bioenergized Archangel Healing Ritual Bath Salts

Experience the celestial embrace of our Bioenergized Archangel Healing Ritual Bath Salts, designed to elevate your spiritual connection and facilitate communication with the divine. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of salts and essential oils, creating a sacred bath that invites the presence of archangels into your life.

🌟 **Celestial Serenity**: Transform your bath into a sanctuary of celestial serenity with our Archangel Healing Ritual Bath Salts. Bioenergized to resonate with angelic frequencies, this unique blend encourages a profound connection with the archangels, fostering a sense of peace and divine harmony.

🌿 **Aromatherapy for Spiritual Connection**: Enriched with a thoughtfully curated blend of essential oils, our ritual bath salts create an aromatic symphony that opens the channels for spiritual communication. As you soak, allow the soothing scents to guide you into a space where the ethereal and earthly realms intertwine.

🛁 **Sacred Invitation**: Sprinkle these salts into warm water and witness the sacred alchemy unfold. The ritual bath becomes a divine invitation, inviting the presence of archangels into your meditation and prayers. Connect with the angelic realm as you navigate the waters of inner reflection.

👼 **Enhance Your Spiritual Communication**: The bioenergized essence of these bath salts acts as a conduit, enhancing your ability to communicate with archangels. Feel the subtle energies aligning, promoting a clearer connection and facilitating divine guidance in your spiritual journey.

✨ **Divine Guidance and Protection**: Infused with the essence of archangels, these ritual bath salts empower your bath-time experience with the potential for divine guidance and protection. Allow the celestial energies to envelop you, creating a shield of angelic love and support.

🌿 **Holistic Rejuvenation**: Beyond the spiritual journey, our bath salts are enriched with premium minerals, offering a luxurious and rejuvenating experience for your body and spirit. Feel the stresses of the day dissolve as you immerse yourself in this sacred bath.

🎁 **A Gift of Angelic Presence**: Presented in an enchanting container, our Bioenergized Archangel Healing Ritual Bath Salts make for a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Share the gift of angelic presence and spiritual connection with those seeking divine guidance.

Step into the celestial embrace with our Bioenergized Archangel Healing Ritual Bath Salts. Elevate your spiritual practice, invite divine guidance, and open the channels of communication with the archangels. Immerse yourself in the transformative energies and let the angels guide you on your journey toward spiritual enlightenment and well-being.

Select your Archangel and deepen your celestial connection today. 


    ◆ Alchemyst Co packaging is designed to protect from all forms of harmful UV light and degradation to preserve the integrity and increase our shelf-life.

    ◇ Every product is made of 100% pure, lab-tested, certified organic natural ingredients, including our perfumes.

    ◆ Each product carefully bioenergized and polarized using our proprietary technology to imbue specific frequencies for maximum efficacy.

    ◇ 100% Cruelty free. No animal testing. No petrochemicals. No parabens. No sulfates. No phthalates. No toxic preservatives or harmful substances.

    ◆ FDA DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


    Certified Organic Ingredients include: Epsom salt, dead sea salt, himalayan salt, sodium bicarbonate, rose buds & petals, corn flowers, and our proprietary bioenergized skin rejuvenating essential oil blend of neroli, frankincense, Damascus rose absolute, lavender, myrrh, & ylang ylang.

    ◇ Our compositions are lab-tested, certified organic and contain no artificial fragrances, phalates, petrochemicals, carcinogens, or toxic artificial preservatives or fixatives.

    ◇ Please refer to the packaging insert for complete details.


    As mineral bath soak, dissolve 2 TBSP-1/4 CUP in a tub of warm water, soak for up to 1 hour. Use 1-3 times a week.

    Please see product insert info card for full directions.


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