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Alchemyst Co Planetary Oils are formulated based on traditional hermetic and folk magic planetary correspondences of botanicals. These activators are meant to be worn in connection with your zodiac sign and elements. 

These formulas are bioenergized to maximize the positive energetics of these ancient planetary forces. 

Our planetary ritual oils are hand crafted with 100% certified organic ingredients, bioenergized with specific planetary frequencies and blended during the most powerful time of each planet.

We hand blend with essentials oils, herbs, resins and crystals in certified organic blend of jojoba and meadowfoam seed oil. No Synthetic Fragrances are ever used. 

Diffusion: Apply a few drops to a candle or to water in a cold air diffuser.

Body application: Add a few drops to your bath, liquid soap, shampoo, lotion base, your body spray or zodiac perfume. 

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