My 10 Best Tips to Make the Most of Your Aromatherapy Experience

Isis Jade


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I discovered aromatherapy over 30 years ago and learned how powerful lab-tested, certified organic essential oils could be as medicines.

I have a very rare genetic condition that causes me to be a non-metabolizer of pharmaceuticals, certain chemical compounds and environmental toxins.

 In my early childhood, I was sick constantly with mysterious symptoms that no doctor could figure out. From going into anaphylactic seizures, to severe, chronic bowel issues, to horrible full body muscle pain.

It wasn't until I met a holistic doctor well-versed in rare genetic conditions who was involved in several university funded genetic research studies that we discovered I had an incredibly rare genetic condition.

 So rare, in fact, they still don't have a name for it. Less than .001% of the world's population carry this genetic deficiency and die due to "mysterious" circumstances before being properly diagnosed.

Aromatherapy, herbal medicine and bioresonance saved my life and has kept me healthy and well for the past 30 years. 

This is why I studied extensively to become a master herbalist, European trained essential oil therapist and bioenergist. I hold several certifications as well as a traditional naturopath degree.

I would like to give you a little guidance as you begin to delve into the fascinating world of aromatherapy.

1. Essential Oil Therapy (also known as Aromatherapy) has been practiced for several thousand years.

After herbalism, Aromatherapy is the oldest form of pharmacological medicinal practice. 

Distillation and use of essential oils as medicine, ritual and perfume was practiced extensively throughout Ancient Syria, Mesopotamia, Phoenicia and Ancient Egypt for thousands of years. 

Aromatherapy was used internally, externally, diffused in temples, in medical treatment centers, and in homes.

2. Essential Oils Contain Living Energetic Signatures of Plants

Aromatherapy Oils maintain a high vibration based on independent analysis

Plants take the light of the sun, the minerals of the earth, and the carbon dioxide exhaled by humans and animals and, through photosynthesis, transform them into the building blocks of medicine. 

Among the most important therapeutic compounds manufactured by plants are essential oils.

These powerful oils contain hundreds, and sometimes thousands of active, living energy constituents. These volatile compounds are also responsible for each plant’s unique fragrance.

The extracted Essential Oil is a super-concentrated living expression of the personality and “spirit” of the plants, incorporating both medicinal and aromatic characteristics.

When tested, many essential oils contain some of the most powerful, stable, highly vibrating energy life forces available on the planet.

We explain more in our e-book about bioenergy testing and the science of biophotonics of essential oils. You can purchase this ebook here.

3. Essential Oils Can "Live" for Thousands of Years If Properly Stored & Protected from UV Degradation.

When properly extracted, the plant’s vital life force can be effectively retained for decades with proper storage. There has been documented evidence of aromatherapy oils thousands of years old still viable that have been found during many archaeological digs!

We store all our essential oils in black UV protected Glass Bottles to extend their shelf life. 

The shelf life of quality Aromatherapy Oils in amber glass is about 3 to 5 years. 

Citrus Oils have a shorter shelf life. 

However, when bottled in black UV protected glass bottles, the shelf life and energy resonance extends for decades. I have several very rare essential oils that test as powerful as when I purchased them 25 years ago.

In 2007, Archaeologists uncovered a treasure trove of perfumes, aromatherapy oils for medicinal purposes, essential oils, stills and jars dating back over 4,000 years, many oils were still intact and fragrant, and remain on display in a museum in Rome! 

This is why ALL our natural functional perfumes and aromatherapy blends are sold in UV Protected Black Glass Bottles so you can enjoy them for years to come. 

4. Aromatherapy Can Dramatically Impact Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health

aromatherapy heals mental, physical, emotional and spiritual ailments

Aromatherapy isn't just phytomedicinal.

Aromatherapy is a powerful energy medicine that can improve energy meridian circulation, clear energy blockages, and activate chakras.

Aromatherapy contains some of the only compounds in the world that can directly bypass the blood-brain barrier and impact the amygdala and hippocampus areas of the brain, healing deep-seated trauma.

Aromatherapy also contains plant wisdom and can impact mitochondria activity in the cells, improve intercellular communication, and help the body fight off a variety of illnesses, even treatment-resistant illnesses!

5. The Study of Aromatherapy is Exceedingly Complex and Requires More Than Just An Aromatherapist Certification.

Advanced Training in Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry and Quantum Physics is not suggested, but absolutely required. 

Most aromatherapists do not have a background in research nor do they have advanced degrees in the sciences.

Essential oils are powerful medicinal compounds, with hundreds of complex constituents. 

Lacking a foundation of advanced education in the above sciences renders most aromatherapists very limited in their understanding of how to use essential oils as well as keeping them very limited in how to use essential oils for the greatest possible health impact.

Most aromatherapists and MLM sellers of essential oils don't know how to test oils, nor do they know more than what a few books on the subject taught them. 

I am a European trained aromatherapy master, with advanced education in all the above. I've engaged in lab-based and experiential research of essential oils.

I've spent 30 years studying aromatherapy,  herbalism, organic chemistry, quantum physics, and researching plant medicine impact on the health and wellbeing of both animals and humans. 

6. Invest in Properly Compounded Aromatherapy Blends From a Reputable Aromatherapist or Essential Oil Expert with a Minimum of 10 Years Experience.

Aromatherapy is a blend of science, art, ancient alchemy and modern quantum physics.

If you are new to the world of aromatherapy and essential oils, I recommend you begin with a few blends specific to your needs.

I don't recommend delving into aromatherapy books unless you have a desire to dedicate yourself to this study, as it is a deeply complex area of research that can take a minimum of three to five years before you have a clear foundation for blending yourself. 

A reputable aromatherapist will have a background in science, therapy and will understand proper essential oil formulation. Many aromatherapy certifications lack strong foundations in organic chemistry, quantum physics or phytochemistry.

Many aromatherapy studies in the United States insist that all essential oils are unsafe undiluted (which is inherently false and misinformation). They also insist that essential oils should never be ingested or used in suppositories (again, inherently false and misleading).

For example, Peppermint, Spearmint, Oregano and all lab-tested, certified organic cold-pressed citrus oils are perfectly safe to ingest if diluted. In fact, you can purchase Oregano essential oil capsules over the counter at most health food stores. Cold pressed citrus oils are used as flavorings. 

Many uninformed sellers of multi-level marketing essential oil companies have no background in science or phytochemistry and make claims that are not only untrue, but very dangerous. 

They will advise you to use CO2 expressed citrus oils neat on your skin (a very dangerous and risky practice), or tell you clove oil is very safe to ingest in large quantities, because it is used in dental applications all the time. Clove oil can be quite toxic in large amounts.

Another example: while Lavandula Angustifolia is a very popular essential oil, care must be taken to ensure optimal endocrine and hormonal health, especially in young children. 

This oil can be contraindicated in young boys on the autism spectrum as well as those with genetic hormonal imbalances who have not yet gone through puberty and as such, must be used with discretion.  

It is because of all this misinformation rife on the Internet and popularized by MLM sellers, it is easier to begin with a few blends formulated by a master essential oil therapist to start your aromatherapy journey. Make sure your therapist has a minimum of ten years experience. 

If you are struggling with physical ailments, Alchemyst Co's Wellness Collection is a perfect place to begin investing in certified organic, lab-tested formulations. If you want to strengthen your immune system, for example, Alchemyst Co's Immunity Boost is a perfect place to start and one of our most popular blends. 

aromatherapy is a powerful alternative remedy for many mental, physical and emotional issues

If you are struggling with depression, especially treatment-resistant depression, Alchemyst Co's Bliss Out is a great option and very popular. Struggling with panic and anxiety, use Liquid-X Anxiety Elixir.

If you need Emotional Healing, Deep Trauma Release is one of our most potent emotional healers. 

7. Make Sure to Invest in 100%, Pure, Certified Organic, Lab-Tested, Unadulterated Aromatherapy Products

Adulterated Essential Oils, synthetic, fragrance, and perfume oils are not essential oils; they contain synthetic chemicals and have no aromatherapeutic value whatsoever. 

Many of these contain toxic compounds that are endocrine disruptive, carcinogenic, and immune system depletive.

Many so-called "reputable" companies claim they sell unadulterated oils, actually import from many chemical companies overseas. 

If you'd like to see where the most popular companies import their oils from, you can use a company like Import Yeti to locate their import manifests. 

Import manifests are a matter of public record in the United States and you can do all the research there. You may be surprised by what you discover.

I've purchased essential oils from countless companies over the past 30 years and sent them away for independent lab testing to find many who market their oils as 100% pure, unadulterated or "therapeutic grade" (there is no such thing, by the way, this is another marketing gimmick), are actually filled with synthetics and adulterated. 

I was very disappointed and saddened by these findings. 

Thus I only work with small distillers and reputable suppliers whose oils came back organic, pure and unadulterated. 

8. Make Certain Aromatherapy Products You Purchase Use a Safe, Certified Organic Carrier Oil - NOT MCT or Fractinated Oils

carrier oils are just as important as essential oils to an aromatherapy blend.

For nearly all essential oil applications, your aromatherapy products should be purchased pre-diluted with a certified organic carrier oil. 


These oils are actually very dangerous and highly problematic for many people. 

They are considered junk oils that no one should use as these oils must go through extreme processing to render the oil liquid in all states. 

The fractionating process is very damaging to an otherwise very beautiful natural oil and can cause damage to the constituents carried by essential oils blended into this oil.

 We explain more about the dangers of using fractionated coconut oil in our ebook here.

Only purchase aromatherapy blends that contain certified organic carrier oils like jojoba or meadowfoam seed oil. 

These oils most closely match the molecular structure of skin sebum, thus maximize absorbency and enhance skin protection. 

Both are hypoallergenic and are very gentle on the skin, while retaining the programming of the essential oils for years if stored properly away from harmful UV light. 

9. Learn How to Do a Patch Test Using Your Aromatherapy Oils

Yes, even Certified Organic, Lab-Tested aromatherapy oils can cause adverse reactions. 

If you use skin or hair care products that contain petroleum based ingredients, parabens, or acids, your skin may become sensitized and react to the aromatherapy blend. 

We recommend you buy only a small sample of an aromatherapy blend first, and patch test before you begin using.

A patch test helps to determine whether you might react to a particular blend or oil. 

I recommend testing your aromatherapy oils on the inside of your elbow. Here are the steps to conducting your own patch test.

  1. Cleanse this small area of skin with a gentle non-toxic soap, rinse and allow to air dry.

  2. Take your oil and rub gently into the cleansed area.

  3. Cover it with gauze and tape overnight. 

  4. In the morning, remove your gauze to see if your skin had any reaction. 

Because of my own extreme sensitivities, I test every blend I sell this way on a test group of people as well as myself. 

10. Don't Ingest Aromatherapy Oils Unless You Are Under the Advisement of Someone Trained in this Modality


Though you will read conflicting information about taking aromatherapy oils internally, you should avoid doing this unless you have taken the time to study them extensively, or you are under the guidance of a practitioner trained extensively in this modality.

Some essential oils that are fairly safe to use topically may be quite toxic if taken internally, such as blue tansy. In addition, some essential oils may interact with prescription or over the counter drugs, such as grapefruit oil interacting with blood thinners and blood pressure medication, and wintergreen oil interacting with aspirin or NSAIDs.

As you experiment with and learn more about aromatherapy, you will become more confident using essential oils and be ready to blend your own together.

The most important thing is to be safe, enjoy the healing energy of plants, and honor the plant kingdom as they can give you a vast education and teach you countless things about healing, transformation and life!

All my love!

Isis Jade
Isis Jade - The Alchemyst & Your Friendly  Aromatherapy Expert

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