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Effortless Meditation - 30 Minute Audio Download for Instant Relaxation and Deep Connection to Yourself

Effortless Meditation - 30 Minute Audio Download for Instant Relaxation and Deep Connection to Yourself

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Effortless Meditation ~ A 30 Minute Divinely Guided Meditation Experience

An effortless experience to bring the healing, clarity, joy, and peace of meditation to your daily life. Experience less anxiety, and better focus beginning today.

In order to get the most of this powerful meditation program, follow the directions below. You'll experience the benefits of this inner journey much more profoundly if you follow these directions.

If you wish to speed up your manifestations or greatly ramp up your quality of life, this will be helpful: Silence your conscious, rational mind through meditation

A Path To Inner Peace

Meditation is one of the proven alternative therapies that in recent years have been classified under mind-body medicine therapies.

It is continuing to gain popularity, as more and more health experts believe that there is more to the connection between mind and body than modern medicine can explain. According to researchers, meditation has been shown to aid the immune system and improve brain activity.

More and more doctors are prescribing meditation as a way to lower blood pressure, to improve exercise performance, to help people with asthma to breathe easier, to relieve insomnia, and generally relax everyday stresses of life. Many hospitals now offer meditation classes for their patients because of the health benefits. All promote physiological health and well-being.

Traditionally, meditation has been used for spiritual growth, but more recently has become a valuable tool for managing stress and finding a place of peace, relaxation, and tranquility in a demanding fast-paced world.

Benefits resulting from meditation include: physical and emotional healing; easing stress, fear, and grief; improved breathing; developing intuition; deep relaxation; exploring higher realities; finding inner guidance; unlocking creativity; manifesting change; emotional cleansing and balancing; and deepening concentration and insight.

Meditation elicits many descriptive terms: stillness, silence, tranquility, peace, quiet, and calm. All counter stress and tension. 

When you pair meditation with one of our aromatherapy blends, the results can be transformational. This is why I created this program for you.  

Set a Clear Intention or Create a Declaration Prior to Your Meditation  

This one simple step is one of the easiest, quickest and most powerful ways to enhance any form of meditation. 

"Setting Your Intention" or “Creating a Declaration” means you decide and declare a purpose for your meditation journey. This assists you in focusing on an intentional outcome. 

When we set intentions and make declarations we are more inclined to invest ourselves completely to the process of inner journeying through guided meditations. 

Now you’ve decided to dedicate yourself to the guided meditation you are about to enjoy, you’ll experience an even deeper sense of progress and connection.

Be sure to listen to your meditation daily for the first seven days and you'll quickly become accustomed to your most optimal meditative state.


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