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Warrior Relief | Salve & Roll-on Duo

Warrior Relief | Salve & Roll-on Duo

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Save 10% on our Warrior Relief Duo ~ when you absolutely must perform at your best in life, and you cannot let pain slow you down.

This bundle contains:

  • 1 - 2 oz Warrior Relief Salve
  • 1 - 10ML Warrior Pain Relief Roll-on

I can’t even begin to explain how powerful this Warrior Relief bundle is with its synergistic effects to alleviate inflammation and pain at the same time.

We recommend applying the roll-on first, wait a minute, then warm the salve with your hands and layer over where you applied the oil.

You will feel an immediate, profound difference in soothing your body.

Alchemyst CO clients tell me this oil clears migraines, alleviates muscle pain, deep joint pain and helps with flare ups due to chronic disorders.

This bundle is a powerful aid in massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and acupressure therapy.

After blending, we bioenergize this formulation for maximum benefit and reducing pain signals in the body, giving you the relief you need.

Roll the oil on the back of your neck, behind ears, on your temples, down your spine, and on pain points for a therapeutic experience, then layer with your salve. If you suffer from menstrual cramps, this bundle is a real life-saver.

You can find total relief naturally with the use of Warrior Pain Relief. When paired with our Warrior Pain Salve, this packs a one-two powerful combo of deepening effects

Alchemyst Co formulates each of our wellness blends with functional wellness in mind. We bioenergize each formulation to harmonize ingredients and imbue the intention of the most optimal healing energies available.

Our natural wellness products are handcrafted in small batches and bottled in thick UV black glass to protect your blend from degradation. We ship out 1-2 weeks after your order due to the necessary preparation & bioenergizing your order prior to shipping.

This duo is a powerful aid in massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and acupressure therapy.


◆ Alchemyst Co Products are protected in UV-protected, matte reusable black glass, UV protected 100% recycled BPA plastic, or 100% recycled sealed bags. Our packaging is designed to protect your products from all forms of harmful UV light and degradation to preserve the integrity of your product & increase its lifespan.

◇ Every product is made of 100% pure, lab-tested, certified organic ingredients.

◆ Each product is artisan handcrafted in small batches, then carefully bioenergized and polarized using our proprietary technology to imbue specific frequencies and various different crystals to activate and harmonize every product for maximum efficacy.

◇ None of our information is intended to be an enticement to purchase and may not be construed as medical advice.

◆ All our products come with information & education including directions for use and ingredients.

◇ Our perfume oils contain 100% certified organic, natural ingredients, no artificial or synthetic fragrances, fixatives or preservatives.

◆ Our perfume oils & aromatherapy oils will contain notes, but not the expressed proprietary ingerdient list due to our proprietary secret recipes.

◇ 100% Cruelty free. No animal testing. No petrochemicals. No parabens. No sulfates. No phthalates. No toxic preservatives or harmful substances.

◆ If you have any questions, please contact us at We are here to assist you in selecting your most optimal Alchemyst Co products to help you live your best life.

◇ FDA DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

◆ Alchemyst Co products are vastly different than any other in the world you may have tried and are more potent. Alchemyst Co products have a powerful effect as formulated following our recommended use guideline.

◇ Alchemyst Co assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of and self-diagnosis and/or treatment using these products. 

◆ None of the products or information available to the public are intended to be a treatment protocol for any disease state, but rather are offered to provide education only and regarding support for various concerns.


◆ many of our proprietary compositions fall under US Intellectual Property Law. In these intstances, we will provide scent notes and insights as to our processes, but not disclose the percentages or exact details of our natural perfumes.

◇ Our compositions are lab-tested, certified organic and contain no artificial fragrances, phalates, petrochemicals, carcinogens, or toxic artificial preservatives or fixatives.

◆ We only use Certified Organic Jojoba and Certified Organic Meadowfoam Seed Oils as carrier oils due to their hypoallergic composition and ability to retain our energetic frequencies.

◇ Please refer to the packaging insert for complete details.


Apply liberally to the area of pain, back of neck, behind ears, at the temples, along the spine, back, shoulders, neck, on joints or muscles. To strengthen the effects, layer with Warrior Pain Relief Salve for lasting pain relief. Can be blended with massage oil to deepen your relief. Carry with you and use as needed.

Please see product insert info card for full directions.


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